TUOHI Wall Element nr 3


TUOHI birch bark wall element nr 3

Each TUOHI wall element is unique. If you order this product you will receive a wall element with exactly this specific birch bark pattern. The color tones might differ.

TUOHI Birch Bark wall element
Base: 12 mm MDF board
Surface: Covered with a thin layer (2mm) of birch bark
Size: 450 x 450 mm
Colors: Natural birch bark, each uique
Connection: Interlock joints
Design: Tapio Anttila

Showroom Finland TUOHI birch bark wall element

TUOHI is Finnish language and means bark of birch wood. There is a long tradition of making different kind of utility articles of birch bark in Finland. The designer Tapio Anttila was inspired of this tradition when he created the TUOHI wall element by combining the traditional usage of birch bark with modern technology.

The TUOHI wall element is a new kind of surface product for homes and public spaces. Whole walls or smaller areas can be covered. Interiors decorated with TUOHI panels are living and organic. The color tones and specific patterns are different on every TUOHI element. This makes every TUOHI wall element unique.

The body of the TUOHI wall element is 12 mm thick MDF-board and surfaces are selected bark of birch (white side). All edges come with interlock joints. The elements can be mounted to the wall constructions by nails or glued directly to the wall surface. Dimensions are 45 x 45 cm.

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