For Finns, nature is an important value therefore the nature is also brought into the home through decor. In the Nordic interior design style, nature is reflected in the world of colors and the use of natural materials. The trend is bringing the surrounding nature more and more strongly into the interior and the atmosphere of the home, in the form of various materials and interior elements. For example, the wooden surface is used more in the interior than before.

Organic and renewable wood is a key material in the Forest Outcomes furniture and interior design range. In Finland, wood design expertise is top-class and the products produced by the Finnish wood industry and by Finnish craftsmen are long-lasting and high in quality.

In our selection you will find high-quality design interior items from manufacturers such as: Muoto2, Averi, Koivisto Studio and Showroom Finland. The respective brands are : Turn Shelf, Sola Shelf, Syli Wall Hook, Kiekko Wall Clock, Nietos Wall Clock, Verso Pendant, Lehti Brich Bark Box, Kehto Birch Bark Bowl and Havas Pendant.

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