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    Koivisto Studio

    We are a designer couple Susanna and Tobias Feuerbacher. Susanna has learned goldsmithing in Lahti, Finland and Tobias has done his carpenter education in Stuttgart, Germany. Our path crossed as we were studying design. Susanna did her student exchange in Germany in the same University, where Tobias was studying.

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    Puuolli - Design from Finland

    Puuolli is a one-man, versatile carpentry workshop that has been operating in Nilsiä since 1994 near the Tahkovuori tourist center. The main products are utility, gift and business gift products made of Finnish wood. Unique, high-quality and durable wood products are made from special wood species such as Bird Cherry, Rowan and Birch. The products are made for heavy use and are suitable for everyday use in households as well as as a practical business gift. All products are manufactured from start to finish in Finland and that is why our products have the Key Flag symbol. Save nature and choose a beautiful and durable wood product instead of a plastic product.

  • Showroom Finland Oy

    Showroom Finland Oy

    Showroom Finland is a Helsinki based company with a product portfolio consisting of intelligent design. In Finland forests provide the country with sustainable resources to produce plywood and cardboard products. Here both design talent and industry have developed into top professionals when it comes to woodworking. Manufacturing and designing mainly on home soil, Showroom Finland refines this expertise to create classics of tomorrow.


    In 2001, Tuula and Leena started the company after having gained a long and thorough experience in various Finnish design companies. As long-term colleagues and friends they shared a common vision of contemporary Finnish design philosophy as well as a view of an open and direct communication in business. The first products in Showroom Finland’s collection were plywood bowls, which were awarded with the DESIGN PLUS in Frankfurt in 2003. In the following years Showroom Finland was nominated for the same award for three more products. GOOD DESIGN and GOOD GREEN DESIGN (Chicago) as well as ECO DESIGN (Helsinki) are among the several design awards granted for the Showroom Finland’s products.

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