Kitchen utensils made of Finnish birch are a sustainable choice. Wood is renewable resource and as a material safe on non-stick coatings. Non-finished utensils should be oiled with paraffin- or poppyseed oil to aid washing and usage of the items.

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Wooden rolling pin

Wooden Rolling Pin

Price €6.05
Big wooden rolling pin

Big Wooden Rolling pin

Price €6.85
Mini rolling pin

Wooden Mini Rolling Pin

Price €3.87
Pie rolling pin

Pie Rolling Pin

Price €3.23

Wooden Pestle

Price €6.05
Steak hammer

Steak Hammer

Price €5.24
Wooden ladle

Wooden Ladle 25cm

Price €6.05
Big wooden ladle

Wooden Ladle 30cm

Price €7.98
Wok mixing ladle

Wok Mixing Spatula 35cm

Price €2.74
Wooden Wok mixing ladle

Wok Mixing Spatula 35cm

Price €2.90
Straight tip ladle

Straight-tip ladle

Price €6.61
Honey dipper

Wooden Honey dipper

Price €5.00
Spice spoon

Wooden Spice Spoon

Price €3.23
Wooden spoon

Birch Spoon

Price €4.44
Wooden spoon small

Wooden Sugar Spoon

Price €4.11
Fork spatula

Wooden Fork Spatula 30cm

Price €2.02

Wooden Spatula

Price €2.02
Butter knife

Wooden Butter knife

Price €1.21
Heart butter knife juniper

Heart Butter Knife

Price €3.63
Spatula Rowan

Wooden Spatula Rowan

Price €3.95
Fork spatula rowan

Wooden Fork Spatula Rowan

Price €4.03
Butter knife rowan

Wooden Butter Knife Rowan

Price €2.34
Pot lid guard

Wooden Pot Lid Guard

Price €1.21
Wooden Cheese Mould Birch

Wooden Cheese Mould

Price €28.15