Poppy Seed Oil 60ml


Poppy Seed Oil 60 ml

Cold pressed 100% Poppy seed oil for oiling of wood surfaces with direct food contact. Poppy seed oil is a vegetable oil and do not contain substances harmful to health. Therefor the oil is suitable for oiling wood surfaces with direct food contact and also comply with the food contact materials regulation (EC) No 1935/2004. Poppy seed oil is drying by oxidation i.e. the oil dries on reaction with oxygen in air. Be aware of the risk for self-ignition of oily cloths.

The oil is available in 60 ml and 250 ml PET bottles.


Instructions how to oil wood with poppy oil

Forest Outcomes poppy seed oil is 100 % cold pressed food oil. Poppy seed oil is suitable for oiling wooden products that are in contact with food stuff.

How to oil a wooden cutting board

The surface must be dry and clean. Pour a small amount of oil directly on the surface. Then using a clean. lint free rag, rug oil over the entire surface, add oil until the entire surface is oiled. Repeat the oiling if the wood sucks all oil you add. When the oiling is ready, wait 15-20 minutes and wipe the board with a clean rag.

How to dispose oily rags

It's very important to dispose oily rags correctly. Poppy oil is a drying oil. When the oily rags dry the oil evaporates and heat is generated. If the heat reaches the ignition temperature then there is a risk that the rags may catch fire.

The correct way to dispose the rags depends on what alternative is possible for you. Few examples; burn the rags immediately or air dry outdoors or seal in a sealed metal container or wash carefully with water. Or put into a water container for two days, pour the water down the drain and throw away the rags.

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